Runamok Maple Syrup 60ml


  • Product Description

      Coffee: The perfect pairing of two bold flavors. Combining the caramel sweetness of maple with coffee’s nuanced chocolate and almond, we’ve created a flavor entirely different from all others.

      Bourbon Barrel-Aged: We start with our best organic maple syrup and age it in recently emptied Bourbon barrels. The syrup draws in the essence of the Bourbon without the alcohol.

      Cinnamon and Vanilla: There is a reason why maple, vanilla and cinnamon are so often used together – they are delicious. We tested both vanilla and cinnamon from numerous regions around the globe until we found the perfect balance of flavors.

      Sugar Makers Cut: This is the very best organic maple syrup of the season. We taste each run and when the flavor is at its peak our sugarmaker sets it aside with a note: ‘Reserve for Sugarmaker’s Cut’.

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