Niche Discovery Set


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      Our Niche Discovery Set is a celebration of our heritage, with distinctive formulas that reinvent old recipes as well as new blends that pay homage to our traditions. Although they are modern creations, we intend them to become classics alongside our beloved archival scents.

      Beginning with Number Six Eau de Parfum, we offer the modern formulation of America's first fragrance—developed in 1772—which  features a bright opening of sparkling bergamot, rosemary, and neroli which evolve into a warm, enveloping heart of rose, clove, and golden amber.

      For a contemporary expression of fine American fragrance, we present LX48 Eau de Parfuman intoxicating composition of violet, freshly-cut tobacco, well-worn vintage leather, and resinous rare woods.

      With Marem Perfume, we return to the archives, but this time it's a fragrance never before released to the public until now. Marem is a beautiful and sensual chypre floral, opening with notes of juicy red currant and delicate neroli. The heart balances fresh wild eucalyptus with lush Crimean rose.

      To complete the set, RÒS Eau de Parfum is a multi-dimensional floral spicy amber scent, decidedly masculine in character, that takes inspiration from and honors the prized scepter’d rose.

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