Disco Cube Cocktails


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      By Leslie Kirchhoff- Disco Cube Cocktails is a '70s-inspired cocktail book based on the magical properties of ice.

      With 100+ recipes for artful ice and the drinks that go with them, home bartenders can learn new icy creations to elevate any classic drink, infuse new flavor into a sipper as the ice melts, or impress friends at a party with a frosty punch bowl.

      In this not-so-classic cocktail book, there are one-ingredient cubes to elevate any drink, infused ice to add flavor to simple cocktails, and perfect pairings where ice and drink come together to make a concoction that you (and your guests) won't forget. Plus, you'll find playlists at the beginning of each chapter, to set the mood for any occasion.

      Recipes include innovative sips such as:
      · Rose Cubes in a White Negroni
      · Jalapeño ice for an evolving margarita
      · A Golden Bloody Mary that shifts from sweet to savory as the ice melts
      · The Walter Gibbons with a Red Onion Raft
      · White peach spheres for a cool take on a classic Bellini
      A great gift for cocktail and bartending enthusiasts, home cocktail makers and entertainers, drink-nerds who love cocktail history, and anyone who enjoys experimentation.

      • Format: Hardcover
      • Pages: 176
      • Size: 6 X 8 V
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