Number Six Travel Fragrance 15ml


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      Number Six, America's First Fragrance, in 'Supernatural' form. 

      Formulated from the original handwritten recipe with the most exquisite botanical oils and rare molecules. We spared no expense in sourcing and blending this beautiful and historic American fragrance with natural oils, plant-based musk oils, and a beautiful amber that makes the scent both true to the original 1772 formulation and thoroughly modern. 

      The Scent:
      A lasting EDP with beautiful opening notes of Citrus, Neroli, Bergamot & Rosemary with a strong Amber influence. Complex in the dry-down to Rose, Musk, Myrrh and a smooth balance of Herbal notes.

      Supernatural Six: 
      In 2017, we set a goal to create a formulation of Number Six that would be true to the original in its use of the most exquisite and expensive oils. We also set a goal to use natural oils for the formulation, to use 'For Life' certified oils when possible, to use the types of floral and herbal distillations that would have been available at the time of its creation, and to find the best plant-based replacements for the animal ingredients (Musk and Ambergris) that would ensure the modern scent is true to the original scent. 

      Supernatural Number Six is the result of this year-long process, months of research, trial and error and dozens of iterations working with an incredible team of perfumers lead by IFF's Laurent LeGuernec. A remarkable scent that is every bit as beautiful and luxurious today as it was when it was introduced.  

      Caswell-Massey also offers a 'Classic Number Six' in our Gold Cap Collection which has the citrus and herbal components of the original formula.

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